Photographers don’t get noticed overnight, nor are they immediate shoo-ins into the industry. Like all artists, photographers have to put themselves out there to get noticed and sell their work. Although there is keen competition within the arts, there are several ways to get your photographs noticed over the next aspiring photographer, and here are 10 of them:

  1. Enter Contests

    Entering contests and competitions will give you a chance to have your photographs critiqued, see what other aspiring photographers are doing and win awards or prizes that will help forward your career.

  2. Show Professional Photographers

    By showing professional photographers your pictures, you are bound to get some helpful feedback concerning your work. You never know, they may teach you a thing or two, and even pass your name on to others.

  3. Sell Your Photographs

    The best exposure a beginner photographer can get is to sell your photographs. If people are buying your photos, then you are establishing clientele who will pass on your name, therefore, increasing the likelihood of sales.

  4. Photography Internships

    Photography internships will give you the chance to expand your photography skills, gain valuable work experience and show off your skills. You can work at a magazine, newspaper, advertising agency and virtually any place that uses photography.

  5. Networking

    To maximize your exposure and get your name out there, networking is necessary. The key to networking is talking to anyone and everyone about your photography. If you don’t have any personal connections to the photography industry, then it’s important to ask around to find someone who works in the photography industry or has connections to it.

  6. Blogs

    Blogs allow you to share your photos, write about your photography and let readers know more about you. Blogs can also be linked with other sites to increase your readership and exposure to your photographs.

  7. Social Networking

    One of the fastest ways to get your photographs noticed is to put them on a social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace. There, you can create photo albums and share your photos with friends, family and the world.

  8. Join Local Art Associations

    Joining a local art association will help increase your exposure, by meeting fellow photographers, attending photography events and networking in person.

  9. Magazines

    In order to get you photographs noticed by magazines, you will most likely have to contact them directly. You can enter your photographs into magazine contests, as well as e-mail magazine editors and advertisers to see if they want to buy your photos.

  10. Take Good Pictures

    As a rule of thumb, aspiring photographers should focus on taking good pictures and perfecting their style and technique, before trying to get noticed as a professional. With practice and a developed portfolio, your talent will show through and viewers will begin to notice your photographs.

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