As surely as engagement is a rite of passage for younger couples, so too are the photo shoots they order to tell the world of their love. Most of these come off without a hitch, but some are responsible for images so weird, uncomfortable, and just plain awkward that you have to wonder what they were thinking. Maybe they were duped into it by the photographer, or perhaps so high on young love that they didn’t think about the ramifications of, say, straddling a cannon while gazing alluringly into each other’s eyes. Oh well. Their mistakes are our good fortune:

1. Sleeping in the Ocean; Brian K. Crain Photography

2. Tiny Bride; Lyfe Photography

3. Marrying a Monkey; Lyfe Photography

4. Uncomfortable Guitars; Coyote Music

5. Bionic Engagement; Auzigog

6. Something Smells

7. Holy Visual Metaphors, Batman

8. This Just Feels Wrong; Furious Photographers

9. This Does, Too

10. From Here to Eternity

11. Hey, It Worked for Spider-Man

12. What Are They Hiding?

13. Your Heart Is the Meter, Mine Is the Coin

14. The Most Depressing Engagement

15. There Are No Words. None.

16. Nothing Says “Love” Like Big Dirty Shoes

17. I Think They’re Handcuffed to the Pole; Perales Productions

18. Did He Just Tackle Her?

19. Why the Tree? Why the Blurry Border? Just: Why?

20. Save It for Later, Buddy

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