Do you like nature, love to hike, watch the sunset, marvel over the beauty of the natural earth? The art of Nature and Landscape Photography allows you to capture those moments that take your breath away. Here are 45 Great Landscape Photographers that demonstrate how beautiful the earth can be.

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Craig Wolf Photography

Photograph By: Craig Wolf

Adam Burton Photography

Photograph By: Adam Burton

Dennis Reddick Photography

Photograph By: Dennis Reddick

Michael E. Gordon Photography

Photograph By: Michael E. Gordon

Nathaniel Reinhart Photography

Photograph By: Nathaniel Reinhart

Nick Mansell

Photograph By: Nick Mansell

Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

Photograph By: Peter Lik

A Walk Through Durham Township, Pennsylvania

Photograph By: Kathleen Connally

Mark Gray Fine Art Landscape Photography

Photograph By: Mark Gray

Stephen Johnson

Photograph By: Stephen Johnson

John Harrison Photography

Photograph By: John Harrison

Elizabeth Carmel Fine Art Photography

Photograph By: Elizabeth Carmel

Clyde Butcher

Photograph By: Clyde Butcher

Marty Knapp

Photograph By: Marty Knapp

Oregon Foto

Photograph By: Michael Skourtes

Jay Patel Photography

Photograph By: Jay Patel

Paul Kozal Photography

Photograph By: Paul Kozal

Darwin Wiggett – Natural Moments Photography

Photograph By: Darwin Wiggett

Ron Leonetti Photographic Art and Design

Photograph By: Ron Leonetti

Jansen Gunderson Fine Art Landscape Photography

Photograph By: Jansen Gunderson

Jim M. Goldstein Landscape, Nature And Travel Photography

Photograph By: Jim M. Goldstein

John Fielder’s Colorado

Photograph By: John Fielder

Paolo De Faveri Photography

Photograph By: Paolo De Faveri

Pixelate Studio

Photograph By: Hans Jasperse

Tom Till Photography

Photograph By: Tom Till

Grant Collier Photography

Photograph By: Grant Collier

Ilya Genkin

Photograph By: Ilya Genkin

Joann Dost Fine Art Golf Landscape Photography

Photograph By: Joann Dost

Michael Frye Photography

Photograph By: Michael Frye

Robin Weaver Landscape Photographer

Photograph By: Robin Weaver

Tim Parkin Still Developing

Photograph By: Tim Parkin

Landscape Photography by Jeremy Turner

Photograph By: Jeremy Turner

Larry Malvin Photography

Photograph By: Larry Malvin

Michael Potts Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Photograph By: Michael Potts

Nigel Turner Photography

Photograph By: Nigel Turner


Photograph By: Geoff Ross

Patrick Smith Unique Views of Land and Sea

Photograph By: Patrick Smith

Steve Shames Photo Gallery

Photograph By: Steve Shames

Tony Howell

Photograph By: Tony Howell

Holdman Gallery

Photograph By: Willie Holdman

AxOz Photography

Photograph By: Axel Mertens

Ton Reijnaerdts Photo Gallery

Photograph By: Ton Reijnaerdts

Anthony Roach Landscape Photography

Photograph By: Anthony Roach

Ron Dubin Photography

Photograph By: Ron Dubin

Guy D. Biechele Fine Art Photography

Photograph By: Guy D. Biechele

Everyone’s seen the pictures, the truly amazing landscape photographers have taken and thought about just how they managed to be so lucky to get that picture. You know the ones I’m talking about, the photo with the perfect blue water or the photo which has a gorgeous waterfall with a rainbow above it. Well you know what? Those photos have virtually nothing to do with luck and more about persistence as well as hard work. So what must you do to ensure that you too get those fantastic photos?

Step 1 – Research:

If you would like amazing shots you have to do a great deal of research. You need to spend more time every week researching new and existing locations than you do taking any photos. Rather than going to a location that you are pondering photographing at exactly sunset, consider getting there an hour and a half prior to sunset and take a good stroll around the area. Take a few test shots of the location and see how they look, lie down on the ground as well as climb up to a high place to see what it looks like from a various perspectives.

Another great technique once you have chosen a location and are setup would be to turn around and look behind you, there has been many times when the shot I in fact ended up taking was in fact behind me.

If you have found a location to capture your landscape photograph and you want another perspective on that location try finding how others have shot that location. Keep in mind don’t copy how others took the photo, but certainly utilize it to see how other people see it.

Speak with people who hike, these people are a truly amazing supply of information and get to areas most of us would never consider.

Once you get to an area that you think may be an excellent candidate work out if it’s a morning shoot or an evening shoot, then go for it and shoot it. Keep in mind weather always plays a significant part in landscape photography and if you don’t get great conditions the first time around, keep going back again until the magic happens.

Step 2 – Persistence:

Many people go to an area a few times and give up when they don’t get the conditions they desire. You have to keep going back and trying various angles as well as shooting it in various conditions until you get the photo you want to achieve, just don’t give up. Getting great landscape photographs is all about hard work and very little luck.

So start researching your locations then get out there and start shooting, you will find yourself capturing amazing landscapes before you know it.


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